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Photos taken during Jack Barth's Coastal Oceanography class, July 2019.

Courses taught at Oregon State University

Term                        Courses                           Title                                                                                 Credits

Summer 2022         OC433/533                     Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                              3 

Winter 2022            OC332                            Coastal Oceanography                                                       3

Summer 2021         OC332                            Coastal Oceanography                                                       3


Spring 2021            OC433/533                     Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                              3

Summer 2020         OC433/533                     Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                              3

Summer 2019         OC332                            Coastal Oceanography                                                       3                        

Spring 2016            OC433/533                     Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                              3

Spring 2015            OC679                             Advanced Coastal Oceanography                                   3

Spring 2014            OC/GEO103                   Exploring the Deep                                                            4

Spring 2014            OC433/533                      Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                             3

Circulation of the coastal ocean including continental shelf circulation, upwelling, coastal jets, undercurrents, coastal-trapped waves. Fundamentals of surface waves and tides; tsunamis, wind generation, breaking patterns; shallow-water processes and beach morphology.


Spring 2013             OC/GEO103                   Exploring the Deep                                                             4

Spring 2013             OC679                             Advanced Coastal Oceanography                                     3

Spring 2012             OC/GEO103                   Exploring the Deep                                                             4


Spring 2012             OC433/533                     Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                               3

Spring 2011             OC679                             Advanced Coastal Oceanography                                    3

Spring 2010             OC433/533                     Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                               3

Winter 2009             OC679                            Advanced Coastal Oceanography                                     3

Winter 2008             OC332                            Coastal Oceanography                                                       3

Physics, geology, biology and hydrology of coastal oceans. How coastal waters respond to forcing by heating, cooling, winds, tides, waves, rain, evaporation, river runoff and freezing. Geography and geology of coastlines: erosion and deposition processes, beach dynamics. Coastal equilibrium cells as sources and sinks of sediment. Rocky shore, beach, mudflat, estuarine and coastal biotic communities; animal migrations. Law of the Sea rights and responsibilities of coastal states. Fisheries and mariculture in coastal seas. Pollution and coastal ocean resources. Using a matrix to define environmental problems; pathways that pollutants take through coastal ecosystems.


Spring 2007             OC679                            Advanced Coastal Oceanography                                     3

Winter 2005             OC671                             Geophysical Fluid Dynamics                                             4

Dynamics of rotating and stratified fluids, potential vorticity geostrophic motion; inviscid shallow-water theory, Poincare, Kelvin and Rossby waves; geostrophic adjustment, Ekman layers, two-layer and continuously stratified


Winter 2004             OC433/533                    Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                               4

Winter 2003             OC679                            Coastal Circulation                                                              3

Surface, bottom and mixed boundary layers; wind-driven shelf circulation; steady circulation models; coastally-trapped waves and remote forcing; observations of continental shelf and slope circulation with an emphasis on the US west and east coasts. J. Barth created and developed this course.

Spring 2002             OC433/533                    Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                               3

Winter 2001             OC332                            Coastal Oceanography                                                       3

Winter 2000             OC679                            Coastal Circulation                                                              3


Spring 1998             OC433/533                    Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                               3

Winter 1997             OC679b                          Coastal Circulation                                                             3

Spring 1992             OC433/533                    Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography                               3

Winter 1991             OC675                            Numerical Modeling of Ocean Circulation                       4

Review of theoretical models of ocean circulation, including shallow water, barotropic, quasi-geostrophic and primitive equation models; adjustment times, internal length and time scales; the role of advection, bathymetry and coastlines; global models, basin models, regional models and models of jets, eddies and boundary currents. Review of numerical techniques and problems specific to ocean modeling. Local facilities are used to develop models on remote supercomputers (see “Colleges Take Advantage of Cray Time Grants for Students”, 1991, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 72, 1377–1379.)

Fall 1990                   OC670                           Fluid Dynamics                                                                    4

Fundamentals of fluid dynamics; conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy; inviscid and viscous flows; boundary layers; vorticity dynamics; irrotational and potential flow.

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