Coastal / Physical Oceanography

Physical oceanography is the study of ocean currents and the spatial distribution of the physical properties of the ocean including temperature, salinity, and density. These ocean currents and water properties are forced by the sun, wind, tides, and river runoff. Physical oceanographers use instruments at sea to measure ocean currents and water properties, and seek to understand the underlying physical dynamics that create them. Ocean “fronts,” sharp boundaries between different water masses or currents, are of particular interest because they are regions of vigorous circulation and are often associated with enhanced biological activity. The coastal ocean is of interest because this is where winds, waves, tides and rivers all conspire to rapidly change ocean currents and to mix and restratify the water column. Coastal ocean currents flowing along the coast encounter both headlands and bays, but also submarine banks and canyons. This flow-topography interaction results in a breathtaking array of meanders, eddies and jets that shape the coastal marine ecosystem.

Coastal Upwelling

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California Current System (CCS)

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Instrumentation Technology and Observing Systems

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